Quarter Life Crisis

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In Retrospect

I’m in the restless state of eagerly awaiting summer and dreading the coming of my Finals before I am even mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to tackle them. It’s a place that invites procrastination via funny movies, bohemian songs, and daydreaming.

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Tricks for Dealing with the Blues

The blues just come and go randomly.

I’d hate to write only about less-than-stellar feelings but they are a part of our lives and sometimes we just need time to ourselves to sort out thoughts that we cannot share with others. These are some tips that definitely help me and I hope they can be of help to you. They are not arranged by order of importance. I’ve listed them just based on the order that I thought them up.

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Life Lesson: Letting Go

Sometimes that’s all we can do and, yet, it’s oddly one of the hardest things to do–letting go of anger, letting go of greed, pride, prejudice, and sometimes our loves. Letting go involves discipline and humility on our parts. We have to accept that we are not all-powerful and not as central to others as we imagine ourselves to be. Some things are just out of our control and other people are definitely out of our control. Continue reading “Life Lesson: Letting Go”

Love is Worth a Broken Heart

We held her in our Sunday newsletter.

I was driving home on I-45 with my brother Sunday at noon when I noticed a little black and white ball coming into my lane. I gasped when I realized what it was and moved sharply out of the way to avoid running it over. It was a tiny kitten. I had never seen a kitten that small before. I continued a little further down the road before I pulled to the shoulder and looked in my rearview mirror. People were hugging the left edges of their lanes to avoid hitting the kitten.

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