DIY: Repurposed Bracelet

If you’re petite like me, you’ve probably experienced the long-term aggravation of not having things fit you. The plus side is that the little challenges present opportunities for one to be innovative.

This Spring Break weekend, I stocked up on craft supplies from Michael’s. Two of the items I bought were wire and mini-pliers. I’ve this beautiful JewelMint bracelet from my younger cousin. Unfortunately, I cannot wear it on my wrist because it keeps sliding towards my fingers.

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Free JewelMint Pieces??? –confirmed

So… I’m supposed to be working on my paper regarding transcendence, but I decided I would beat around the bush and look at pretty things online. I remembered JewelMint has free shipping, it’s Black Friday, and I haven’t gotten a present for my aunt just yet–therefore, why not procrastinate?

There’s a 50% and 70% clearance going on so I clicked through the site and two jewelry pieces caught my eye.

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Colorful Personalities

Fuschia! and brown. These are my two favorite colors of the season. I like knowing the meanings behind my color preferences, because colors do tell you something about your current perspective in life.

(see Personal Color Definitions:

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