Korean Sheet Masks Haul: Dermal

Just can’t get enough of these!
I indulged myself with these sheet masks while I was in Chinatown. What better way to anticipate the next four years of my graduate career? These babies are gonna get me through the sleepless nights and frantic cram sessions.

The headline of my thoughts: “Oh my gosh. I’m going to be broke.”But in reality, it’s a small investment for my soon-to-be-needed de-stress, me-time sessions. You see, some days I just wake up feeling and looking hideous for a variety of reasons and self-care is how I recenter again. Whatever my reasons, I’m sure you have your own for favoring these quick fixes because why else would you be reading this?😜

Of this stash I got from a Korean skincare boutique (top) and Hmart grocery store

Dermal Acerola collagen sheet mask for regeneration, moisturizing, nutrition.
(bottom), I opened up the Dermal brand Acerola cherry sheet mask. Continue reading “Korean Sheet Masks Haul: Dermal”


Korean Diamond V Mask Review

My month pack of the Diamond V Mask kit just came in yesterday and I am super psyched to try it out and see the results for myself. What is the Diamond V Mask, you ask?


It’s a cosmetic/beauty mask and band to help you achieve a more slender and delicate jaw-line. Why would women (or men, because some men do use it) want to achieve this shape rather than be happy with their original shape? Continue reading “Korean Diamond V Mask Review”

Treating Heat-damaged Hair

Now that it is warmer I find myself willing to make more of an effort with my hair, as opposed to pulling it back in a ponytail wherever I go. One of the habits I’ve taken up again is curling and waving my hair. Now while I like the way I look with curls and waves, all of that curling and waving has resulted in dry and damaged hair, which feels coarse to the touch and appears dull after styling. I don’t know about you but I dislike having my hair feel like straw.

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Modesty Experiment

I just read an interesting article on Yahoo! about women and makeup and I kept seeing parallels between Lauren Shields and myself. I occasionally do the Modesty Experiment to limit time I spend on my appearance. But long story short: Women wear makeup for various reasons and I believe it’s a matter of choice and a personal journey of acceptance. However, from my own experience, I can vouch that not worrying about your appearance is really freeing. A refreshing experiment to try and stick out (because it’s definitely hard at first). Gotta train our brains to think good things and quiet and calm the internal critic. 😉

Here’s the link if you want to read it: