Pen & Ink App

Free on the Apple App Store, this is my favorite app for “pencil” sketching. While I still prefer the many other options that accompany the paid (of course) version of Sketch Club and the easy functionality of Sketches (free), I find myself coming back to this simplistic app for casual brainstorming and practice. 


I have to say that I like sketching in this app more than I do in my traditional, bound sketchbook. Here’s why:

  • No other app I’ve used (and I’ve downloaded/tried/deleted many) has such smooth, realistic tracking with the use of a standard stylus (see The Friendly Swede stylus photo below).
  • Its undo/redo buttons makes changes easy if you’re a beginner learning to draw or someone who hasn’t drawn anything in a while!
  • Easy pinch zoom without change in tool size (I bring this up because I’ve encountered the issue of trying to make tiny, tweaks here and there in other apps and ended up with a line thicker than my initial zoomed-out drawing.
  • Traceable layer (just import a pic and it automatically sets to transparent so you can draw over it)
  • Ready-to-use color palettes and customizable palette (not unique to this app but still nice)

Minor drawback (not so unique either):

  • I layer only. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that extra layers are locked until you get the paid version.

…which is why I sketch only lol. Luckily, you can import the rough to your camera roll and open in another app if you want to color in multiple layers.

🌿🌿🌿Here are the styluses mentioned above. You can buy them off Amazon. They’re really great for the price! And the colors are gorgeous!


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