Korean Sheet Masks Haul: Dermal

Just can’t get enough of these!
I indulged myself with these sheet masks while I was in Chinatown. What better way to anticipate the next four years of my graduate career? These babies are gonna get me through the sleepless nights and frantic cram sessions.

The headline of my thoughts: “Oh my gosh. I’m going to be broke.”But in reality, it’s a small investment for my soon-to-be-needed de-stress, me-time sessions. You see, some days I just wake up feeling and looking hideous for a variety of reasons and self-care is how I recenter again. Whatever my reasons, I’m sure you have your own for favoring these quick fixes because why else would you be reading this?😜

Of this stash I got from a Korean skincare boutique (top) and Hmart grocery store

Dermal Acerola collagen sheet mask for regeneration, moisturizing, nutrition.
(bottom), I opened up the Dermal brand Acerola cherry sheet mask. It promises regeneration, moisture, and nutrition–yay! Exactly what my skin needs after Houston sun exposure and disturbed sleep patterns in the last five days. The current weather is rainy in contrast and my hormones are out of whack thanks to TOM. So with all of these uncontrollable factors making me feel like my dehydrated hydrangeas, the only thing I can control is self-care.

Like most other sheet masks, it delivers an infused layer of action-packed serum designed to be worn for 15-20 minutes, with the remaining essence massaged and left in. I’d like to mention that I have super sensitive skin that breaks out easily, so I would NOT recommend leaving the serum on your face past an hour or overnight if you struggle with stubborn acne. Why would you want to wash the good stuff off when they say to leave it in?

It could be TOO moisturizing for some people. I speak from repeated trials and my own experience; it doesn’t matter what brand of Korean mask I use–all I know is that I cannot follow the last step of leaving the product on for extended periods. Serum actually absorbs rather quickly into your skin, so you can even rinse it off the excess product with water 8 minutes afterwards (you will already have absorbed the benefits). This will prevent your face from getting greased up and exacerbating your skin issue. Now, for those of you with more stable skin conditions, you can ignore my above piece of advice lol.



I can’t think of anyone who looks good in one of these LOL.

The sizing fits my face a lot better than the innisfree and Face Shop sheet masks. Usually I’ll just improvise by pulling the eye, nose, and mouth holes to their respective sites, but this time I didn’t need to!

I found it funny that they didn’t bother to cut out the eye flaps like other brands. If you think about it, it’s quite redundant because it’s no biggie haha.😏 In fact, those flaps were nice for my under-eye area, which very often goes neglected. The nose was shorter with a slit in the center, for those of you with a more prominent bridge.

Overall, the mask was cool and calming, no stinging or irritation. It didn’t seem as thick with serum as most other masks I’ve tried.


After about twenty minutes, I removed the mask and massaged the leftover serum into my skin. My skin was refreshed, supple, soft, and smooth. Exactly what I wanted.

I left the serum on my face an extra two hours after application because I had a hotpot dinner and spent a little longer downstairs with the family. BAD idea leaving it on that long–heed the warning I gave above for those of you with sensitive or acne-prone skin. In the past, I would let it sit 18 minutes max before rinsing, so I figured what’s the worse two hours can do? I wasn’t too greasy afterwards but my face felt slightly sticky and some small acne bumps looked pinker and plumper… Not what I wanted.

As soon as I could get upstairs, I rinsed it off and applied my regular skincare regime. Checking my face again a couple of hours later (I’m not saying this is how long it takes to normalize. It’s just how long it took me to notice), I could see that it was back at its normal oil range and no longer had that irritating greasy up feeling. My complexion was more even, those plumped-up acne spots have shrunken and faded, and I have a hydrated glow.

Spic and span!



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