Reality is scary

Boy, what a day. Last night, we turned our clocks ahead one hour and chaos ensues. I wake up after four hours of sleep with fever and chills, stumble to Mass (don’t worry, there’s a designated driver: brother), fumble at work doing the oddest and nonsensical things… Then, to cap it off, my brother drops me off at home early after my little cousins’ birthday party because I’m feeling totally pooped and then he returns to the party. Next thing you know, there’s an odd series of knocks on my bathroom door while I’m showering. I’m thinking someone broke into the house or there was a situation and the police came. I try to sneak out and investigate clad in towel and armed with my long body brush and, behold, my father’s walking around frantic that the car has been stolen. 😑The paranoia’s gone too far.

*The car and my brother are fine, by the way. They both returned to the party but my parents were unaware, even though we both told them exactly what we were going to do and despite brother announcing his return in front of them.


Now my adrenaline’s up and Dad’s paranoia’s kicked into mine. Based on my earlier response this trial, I’d likely NOT last were this simulation an actual situation. My hyper-stimulated sympathetic nervous system’s got me thinking I need to work on my secret agent moves and wielding convertible weapons around the house.

All of the odd things we get up to in this house… I can’t make this stuff up. 😓


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