DIY Upcycled Wine Case to Vase Cover

Do you ever notice how nice wine packaging is? It seems an awful waste to just chuck those sturdy decorative boxes and cylinder cases. Why not make it into something new?😀

You’ll need:

  • Matte mod podge
  • craft brush
  • scrapbook paper
  • scissors/paper trimmer
  • a pen (forgot to include it in the picture) and your empty wine case.


Measure your scrapbook paper around the case and decide whether you’ll need another sheet and if you’ll need to crop it. I wanted to keep the copper band at the top so I held the edge of the scrapbook paper beneath it and marked the location of the case’s bottom against the white inside of the paper.

If necessary, use the paper trimmer to crop the sheet. I had to cut mine because it was taller than the case itself. The smaller sliver will be used to cover the ends of the case that is not covered by the larger sheet.

Align your scrapbook paper with the case and make sure it is level before applying mod podge to both the paper and case. Apply the adhesive vertically down the sheet and case. Work in 1-1.5″ segments to avoid conkling the paper or having it adhere to parts you don’t want. To smooth things out, I used the round end of my scissor.

At the end, apply mod podge to the back of your scrapbook sliver and to the case, covering the ends of the larger scrapbook sheet. After smoothing the layers of scrapbook paper, apply another layer of mod podge to hold things together.


Et voila! The finished product!

It’s definitely an eye-opener. See how it brightens up the area. It makes me happy, seeing it on my way up and down the stairs. ☺️


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