Korean Diamond V Mask Review

My month pack of the Diamond V Mask kit just came in yesterday and I am super psyched to try it out and see the results for myself. What is the Diamond V Mask, you ask?


It’s a cosmetic/beauty mask and band to help you achieve a more slender and delicate jaw-line. Why would women (or men, because some men do use it) want to achieve this shape rather than be happy with their original shape? It’s a lot like working out your body; you want to look nice and feel nice. Also, some of the “baby fat” that you can’t seem to slim off no matter how much older you get can actually be self-induced bloating due to a high saline diet, irregular sleep, or water retention. For me, its use includes prevention of wrinkles and sagging. I still may look like a fifteen year old on first appearance but no can escape the ravages of time–up close, I am developing wrinkles under my cheeks and around my smile.

*A short tidbit about my skin history… I used to have oily skin during my adolescent years and didn’t know how to properly care for my hormone-ravaged epidermis, so you can imagine how I dealt with those embarrassing acne spots. I’ve subjected my skin to a lot of harsh treatment, like over-exfoliation, burning with tea tree oil, or improper pimple removal. I know better now, of course, but it doesn’t take away the scars left behind on my face or my skin’s sensitivity. Today, my skin is combination–oily in the T-zone and dry around my cheeks and jaws. 

How does this mask work? It provides “slimming, lifting, and moisturizing,” according to the info on the hot pink box it came in. Don’t trust everything you read, I know. Think about it. First of all, massage keeps blood circulating evenly in your face and helps flush out toxins through your lymphatic system. It’s also a long-term practice for firming your face and fighting premature wrinkling and sagging, if you can have the discipline to maintain this activity. You can learn more about Chinese slimming facial massage technique using Gua Sha contouring stones on YouTube. Secondly, Korean skincare is world-renowned and becoming increasingly popular among users in the United States. Their products are chock-full of emollients and antioxidants and they generally work very well for most people. Thirdly, a bra holds up your boobs right? Similarly, face band will lift your face. The verdict: Their claims make sense.

If you bought the monthly kit, you get one slimming band, a voucher (in Korean. 😳 This won’t be helpful for me) for what appears to be 2 free masks in exchange for your old band, and a measuring tape for your jaw. Open up the booklet-style box and you’ll see instructions in English on how to use it all.



Notice how the mask and band don’t fit exactly against my chin. That’s okay, I have a small chin and the model in the instructions looks like she has a bit of a gap there, too. My cheeks are lifted and drawn back toward my ears.
Before experimenting, use the complimentary tape measure to get your current jaw measurements. This will be fun for later because you can compare results! I measured from bottom of ear lobe to the other bottom of ear lobe and got 21.5 cm.

Now to get started! You basically rip open a mask packet and unfold the mask with the thicker side up, align it along your jaw line as shown in the example, fit the band over the mask and your jaw, and then secure at the top of your head. I had a bit of trouble getting the last part right because I have a small head. I ended up unfastening the velcro several times to try to get it to fit better. What I found out is that it sits better if you fasten it towards the top back of your head, at a 45 degree angle from the bottom of your chin and just before your hair swirly. Here I am looking like I’m about to go wrestling…and still in my pj’s.

Suggested time for the mask and band to stay on is 30-40 minutes. I decided I would set a timer for 40 minutes  and cut off at 30, or even earlier, if I felt any irritation.


I’m keeping a play-by-play (in words, of course, since this isn’t a vlog) of my experience at different intervals when I start feeling a little noticeable change in sensation. I started with a clean face before applying the mask strip to my jaw.


2 minutes after applying just the strip:  You’ll feel a tingly and warm sensation. It’s actually kind of comforting. To me, it feels like the tingliness you get when you apply an activated charcoal mask (like Origin’s Clear Improvement) but I can see it being uncomfortable at first to someone who hasn’t. Have no fear–it’s tingly but it isn’t like the feeling you’d get with an allergic reaction.


6 minutes: Now things are heating up! Less tingly but slightly warmer.

16 minutes: You’re definitely going to feel more heat around the edges of the mask closer to your mouth and cheeks. That’s where most of your fat is, so the product is designed target those areas. How does it feel with this face bra on my head? A tad tight so I try not to fixate on that area and redirect my focus elsewhere.

28 minutes: I notice that the heat is less intense than it was earlier. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain or heat, since other blog and vlog reviews I read and watched said something along the lines of it feeling more intense or even itchy. I’ve also forgotten about the tightness at the top of my head from where the mask is fastened. Adaptation rocks!

30 minutes: The area around my chin and jaw line now feels more pronounced. I guess the mask’s effects is more noticeable now that my cheeks have grown used to the warmth.

40 minutes: The mask is still tingly and slightly warm. Time to pull it off!!! 😁

Taking off the band, I notice that I still have some leftover gel. Some reviewers have said that their mask strips were completely dry when they removed them, but it could be that I have less surface area than them and thus didn’t soak in all the product.

The directions say to massage the remaining product onto your cheeks, which I am doing. However, I’m only going to keep it on for about eight minutes before rinsing it off. I have a history of using Korean masks and getting an allergic reaction if I keep the serum on overnight or for extended periods. I find that if I rinse my face afterwards, my skin still remains supple from the product and suffers no irritation. Feels pretty nice, I say. Now to see if I did slim down a bit. Only one way to find out!

Using the tape measure, I find that I have lost 0.5 cm! This is just the first of many trials, since the results aren’t expected to be totally obvious on first glance and they’re only short-term. I think, for maximum results, you have to consider aligning your diet and lifestyle with this plan and maybe even doing regular facial massages at home. It’s like maintaining a six-pack. You don’t want half-results. I’ve ordered two Gua Sha stones to keep up the appearance and because I don’t want to have to rely on the masks continuously (It gets costly). The band, however, I will use more frequently for the lift (I wash it and lay it flat on a towel to dry after use). But to each their own!

Overall, I have to say that it was less horrendous than I had anticipated. Results and experiences will vary from person to person, but I can say with surety that I agree with older reviews on the potency of this product. That being said, I’m so glad I went with the monthly kit instead of buying just the trial (It’s a better deal long-run and I’m definitely going to repeat next week). Not to say that I wasn’t skeptical; I’ve been skeptical for a whole year and that’s why I put it off until now. Given my skin history, fear of knock-off replicas, and bad experiences with Korean makeup and some masks, I was extremely hesitant to jump on this bandwagon. Nonetheless, you learn and you adapt to make it work for you. I find it safe to use and I have no redness or rash after rinsing off the gel at the end. If you need some extra encouragement, I hope this review helps.






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