Treating Heat-damaged Hair

Treating Heat-damaged Hair

Now that it is warmer I find myself willing to make more of an effort with my hair, as opposed to pulling it back in a ponytail wherever I go. One of the habits I’ve taken up again is curling and waving my hair. Now while I like the way I look with curls and waves, all of that curling and waving has resulted in dry and damaged hair, which feels coarse to the touch and appears dull after styling. I don’t know about you but I dislike having my hair feel like straw.

For a busy bee like me, incorporating leave-in products into my regimen helps substantially. If all I did was shampoo, condition, and blow-dry, I hardly needed those extra products. However, with my current habit of heat-styling, I feel the repercussions for days and it only gets worse from there as time goes on (unless I completely stop styling for some weeks but that’s unlikely). And so, I whipped out the Organix argan oil, Pantene Pro-V detangler, and Chi Infra Treatment I had in my bathroom closet. They have worked in the past and they WILL WORK AGAIN!


I use the detangler after every wash and the argan oil spray in the mornings (so that the oil doesn’t transfer onto my pillowcase as I sleep). They’re both very light, non-greasy, and help restore shine and repair/prevent damage. I love these two because they’re quick and easy to apply–no messes!

The Chi Infra Treatment is just another conditioner. You use it after shampooing, but I prefer to apply it to dry hair about 5 minutes before a shower and then rinse it off. While it considered a higher end product, I already have a great working shampoo and conditioner (Lover’s), so it’s really just an extra for me. You don’t need a high-end conditioner if you’ll be applying it as a leave-in. Years ago, I read in Seventeen Magazine, that you can buy a V05 conditioner (like the one in the image below) for ~$1, add a bit of water to a nickel-size drop, and run it through your hair in the morning–perfect leave-in conditioner. V05 is lightweight, smells nice, and can stay in your hair all day without making you utterly greasy. If I didn’t have the random Chi lying around, I’d opt for the V05. 😉


I’m happy that my readopted regimen keeps my hair covered (literally) all the time. I do not want to see orange tips ever again (flashback to two years ago when the ends were so dry they looked ombre but they were NOT ombre). O_O

If you’re also heat-styling your hair frequently and it’s starting to get straw-like, you may want to invest in leave-in sprays or use a light-weight conditioner to rehydrate your hair. Healthy hair = pretty hair. Some natural remedies that are worth considering include: Egg white, olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, mayonnaise, avocado, etc. (you can Google a bunch of them).

Stay lovely! 😉


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