DIY: Floral Coronet


Springtime is near and I am looking forward to cool weather, pretty sundresses, and dainty accessories. One accessory has been regaining popularity again and it is the flower coronet.

This year, inspired by the fairy tale remakes and The Hobbit, I’ve decided I want to be a faerie. ;P  And really quickly–what is faerie? A faerie is a mythical creature that is usually associated with the elements of earth, wind, sky, water, fire, etc, etc. Faerie is also enchantment and a mode of apprehending truth and transcendence through the workings of the imagination (see The Tolkien Reader). I’ve decided I want to live my life with enchantment. I want to try to see the silver lining around things and discover and appreciate the beauty around me. You’re not on this earth forever so may as well live it with joy as much as you can. Now, back to the DIY.

What you’ll need:

  • thick wire ( ~ 16 gauge or thicker)
  • thin wire ( ~ 26 gauge)
  • pliers
  • wire cutter
  • scissors
  • tape
  • faux flowers (leave ~4-5 mm of stem)
  • floral tape

Measure a 16-gauge wire around your head to get the circumference of the ring. Make the ends overlap about 1 inch and tape the center of the overlap. Using pliers, secure the ends to hold the ring in place.

IMG_0678        IMG_0682

Cut and wind segments of floral tape about the ring, so as to avoid holding the whole roll throughout the process.


After the entire ring is wrapped with floral tape, cut 2 inches of the thinner wire. Bend the 2-inch segment in two until the wire resembles the knob of a bobby pin. Slip the knob into the stem of the flower and wrap the ends of the remaining wire securely around the ring.


Repeat the process for each flower piece until you’re pleased with how it looks.

IMG_0693        IMG_0694        IMG_0702

Rather than making a full floral coronet, I stopped with the width of my head because I’m not too sure I can incorporate a full coronet into my daily outfits without looking like a flower girl.  :p

How do your coronets look?

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