Free JewelMint Pieces??? –confirmed

So… I’m supposed to be working on my paper regarding transcendence, but I decided I would beat around the bush and look at pretty things online. I remembered JewelMint has free shipping, it’s Black Friday, and I haven’t gotten a present for my aunt just yet–therefore, why not procrastinate?

There’s a 50% and 70% clearance going on so I clicked through the site and two jewelry pieces caught my eye.

I did what I always do, which is place things in my shopping cart and filter it out later. Being a thrifty shopper, I checked online for a coupon (more discounts = yay!) and I stumbled on this at

ImageIt’s my first time ordering from JewelMint, so the coupon worked for me. But it did something surprising. The total was $59.98 for two pieces, with an auto discount of $30.00, and free shipping (which I believe to be the norm). I expected to pay the remaining $29.98. However, with the coupon, it whittled down the total to $0.00! Say what


I have never seen this before. I’m waiting on an email confirming this FREE ORDER!!!! Does this normally happen for you regular JewelMint patrons/patronesses? All I know is, if JewelMint does honor this transaction, I have to give them a thumbs-up for such a nice welcome. For now, it’s back to working on my paper (boohoo…). Just wanted to blog this so those of you who have never ordered for JewelMint can maybe get some freebies.  😉

Here’s what I got, if you’re just dying to know.  😛


I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, by the way. ❤

11/30/13  UPDATE:  They actually shipped my free Jewelmint order! So excited!! If you’re new to Jewelmint, get yourself a couple of goodies with the coupon above. The deals are still going on! If you already knew about it, please excuse my noobness.   ;p

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