Colorful Personalities

Fuschia! and brown. These are my two favorite colors of the season. I like knowing the meanings behind my color preferences, because colors do tell you something about your current perspective in life.

(see Personal Color Definitions:

Colors can evoke certain moods, feelings, and emotions. Just as a short aside to color psychology, we gravitate toward different colors because they mirror our experiences or convey something of our personalities. They can also be used as a form of (temporary) therapy to calm, energize, or uplift.

When I googled fuchsia and brown, I picked some words that I felt best describe what I’m shooting for this season:

  • Fuchsia – youth, confidence and energy.
  • Brown – earth, order, comfort, and honesty.

Every one or two years, I am instinctively drawn to a new color [or colors]. It’s because I change and my color choices change with my philosophy and character. It actually happens to a lot of us, doesn’t it? We can do the same things, but we’re not exactly the same people in the end. And change isn’t always for the worse. I like to think that I tack on a bit more meaning to my life as I become more self-aware. How do you become more self-aware? You just start taking notice of your patterns or habits.

Long story short: I haven’t had the best home-life experience since early August, so I have been trying to cheer myself up and take better care of myself. I noticed very recently that I had been subconsciously favoring things that happen to be in the fuchsia-magenta range and brown-beige range, for their associations above.

Rich and sassy pop:

Warm fall staples:

What do your colors say about you?

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