Being Grateful Makes You Happy

On my way to work this morning, I found myself thinking about gratefulness. A song about miracles was playing earlier and I imagined a character feeling a sense of relief and thankfulness after her husband made it home safely. It really made me ponder the things I was grateful for.

I then saw a lovely blue sky and white puffy clouds and it made me smile because it is one of my small joys. Here, I remembered the link between gratefulness and happiness. I had read an article or handout on it before. After looking on the internet to confirm this positive correlation, I thought I would share with you all–because we can definitely use more smiles, laughter, and positivity in our lives.

If you can’t think of something to be grateful off the top of your head, consider this:  It’s a remarkable feat that the human person is able to bounce back and continually climb after hardships. So smile 😀 and give yourself a pat on the back! Whatever you went through, you survived and are still trekking. Good for you.  🙂

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