My New York & Company Haul

My New York & Company Haul

By chance, I wandered into NY&C today and saw colorful signs touting 50%! 60% 70% 80% off, and they did not lie. While it may be an obvious marketing scheme to attract customers, I consent to being marketed to. I am on a budget (poor college student scenario), but I do not regret buying clothes today. Why?

(1) Because NY&C sells mainly business casual apparel and business casual is predominant in many work environments (the above tops can be matched with dress pants/skirts), and (2) the weather in my town is marked by humidity all year round so the clothes I buy during summer sales can basically be mixed and worn for any season. If I need any other motivation, I tell myself I’m stimulating the economy. ;p

I kinda regret not buying more, but I figure that there are so many semi-annual sales going around this summer that I’m not going to run out of opportunities to buy and catch some great deals. However, for you ladies who may be in similar circumstances or just love the thrill of a treasure hunt, check out your NY&C stores (they have more clearance items than the site shows).

Reason 1: I got 5 pieces for under $14 each.
Reason 2: The quality of the fabric lasts!!
Reason 3: They do have cute business casual and casual wear.

Peace out!

2 thoughts on “My New York & Company Haul

  1. In your personal experience, are the sales at New York & Company better in the store or online? I really love the calm and colorful background of the site.

    1. Thank you for visiting! At this point in the summer with stores trying to push out the old and bring in the new, I would say that online and in-store are pretty evenly matched (especially with online offering free shipping). What I have noticed that could point in a physical store’s favor is repeatedly reduced prices. Online stores don’t always reflect these further reduced prices.

      On another note, I personally like shopping in person because I can try out clothes and see how they fit; I do this out of practicality. It saddens me when I get a great deal online and it doesn’t hang right on me or the color and quality are not to my satisfaction. In addition, the store that I go to has more in stock than what is shown online. Keep in mind that the stock and style can vary depending on your location. I have noticed that stores will order based on the preferences of the demographics in the area.

      I know it’s a long-winded response, but I hope this answers your question. :p

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